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Drive Growth with Cloud Computing

Have you figured out how to best leverage the Cloud for your business yet? We can help you get past all the marketing hype, break it down, and work through with you what is most relevant to your organization. There are some exciting and creative things happening with the Cloud that can deliver new ways of working that you may want to consider.

Cloud Computing is an amazing service model that brings many benefits to the table. But in order to make an informed decision, you need to know not only the pluses of moving to the Cloud, but also the potential minuses and liabilities. If moving everything to the Cloud is truly in your organization’s best interest, PCA can make that happen. But, if a more measured approach makes more sense for your organization, we can help you with that too. Many of your competitors are either considering or are already using the Cloud to deliver more value to their customers. Before you jump in the deep end of the Cloud pool, let us help you understand what the lay of the land is.

Current Cloud trends include:

  • Hyper growth in Cloud Services Solutions – delivering on-demand software for a wide range of services
  • Increased Cloud Storage Capacity – surge in data creation and management
  • Increased Internet Quality and Rise of 5G – better and faster connections

PCA will work with you to determine what Cloud Computing solutions are best for your business and help you create a Cloud strategy that makes sense both for your business today and for the future. The key to building a solid strategy is making sure you understand and consider multiple factors that are integral to cloud success. Some of those factors include (but are not limited to) the following.

  • Long-term cost analysis
  • Data ownership and access
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
  • Existing software licenses
  • Software compatibility
  • Service-level metrics
  • Business continuity

Many cloud services providers want to move you lock, stock and barrel into their data center, NOT because it is in your best interest, but because it cost them a lot of money to build their data center and they need you to help pay for it. Once we have brought you up-to-speed on all the issues related to the Cloud, we will work with you to determine what cloud services are best suited for your organization. Our goal is about enabling your business to succeed, not to load up and fill a data center.

Cloud Questions You Need to Get Answered

Every small- and medium-size business must be sure that every aspect of their business is covered. When you start thinking about cloud services, there are some very important questions that need to be in the front of your mind as you start to build, strategize and consider different cloud service providers. PCA will help you find answers to all these questions and work through the pros and cons to help you make sound decisions.

  • What cloud services are the best fit for my business?
  • What does the pricing structure look like for my mix of services?
  • How secure will my data be in the cloud?
  • Where will the data be located and how easy is it to access?
  • What happens if the data is lost or is compromised?
  • Who is going to manage my cloud strategy for me?
  • What customer support services can I expect?
  • Can the Cloud scale up when my business grows?
  • What does your Downtime history look like?
  • What does it take to get set up in the Cloud?

CloudImage™ Data Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

One of the primary concerns of every business is to make sure that company data is accessible in an instant. Core concerns include backup and recovery in the event of a disaster. How does your business handle your data today? If business continuity and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) are key requirements of your organization, you can rely on CloudImage™ for peace-of-mind in the event of a disaster. PCA’s CloudImage offering has got you covered.

What is CloudImage™?

CloudImage™ goes beyond traditional data backup and restore procedures by incorporating capabilities that provide true business continuity. CloudImage™ includes recovery features such as Very Frequent Backups, Local Standby Server, Image Restoration, and Redundant Cloud Backups. With CloudImage™, your business will be up-and-running FAST following the occurrence of a critical event.

How It Works

A CloudImage™ server becomes part of your network, configured as Network Attached Storage, and performs image-based, bit-level backups of your designated servers and other devices. Entire systems, individual files, email messages, and SQL elements can be saved and restored using the CloudImage™ server.

Your backups are accessible on your local network and are also securely transmitted to cloud-based data centers providing you offsite, redundant, and encrypted (secure) backups. File restoration occurs locally from the CloudImage™ server, or in the case of a site catastrophe, accessed and restored securely via the Cloud.

CloudImage™ may also be configured as one or more virtual machines providing one or more recovery servers if a disaster strikes.

If you lose your CloudImage™ server, the cloud-based data center images a replacement server with your data and delivers it to your new location, typically within 48 hours.

Summary of CloudImage™

Feature Function Benefit
Very Frequent Backups Data snapshots every 15 minutes Less risk of data loss
Image-Based Backups Capture server configurations and data Eliminate downtime and labor to rebuild failed servers
Standby Server CloudImage™ functionally replaces a failed server while repairs are made Business continuity
Flexible Restore Options Restore an entire server, individual files, folders, SQL elements, and emails Restore only what you need in minutes
Off-Site Backups Backups are stored off-site in redundant locations to guard against disasters Protects your most valuable asset – your data!
“Hot Site” Recovery Servers are made available via the Cloud in case of a total site catastrophe Business continuity
Security 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard Secures all your data
Scalability Network multiple CloudImage™ units Solutions grows as you grow
Remote Monitoring and Management Quickly identify backup problems and generate automatic notifications Eliminates lost data due to backup failures