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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Why the buzz about VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP (pronounced voy-p) for short, is a technology that uses your existing data network and/or the Internet to route voice phone calls. Unlike traditional phone service, which relies on specific physical phone lines, VoIP uses Internet Protocol, which is the same protocol your data network and the Internet run on, to route voice calls to any IP device (phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), anywhere in the world. In addition to its superior flexibility, it costs a fraction of what traditional phone technology costs.

Why do I need VoIP?

In today's competitive economy, routing a new call to a live person is extremely important. If a new caller winds up in a voicemail box, there is a high probability that they will just hang up and call the next company on the search results list. With the infinite routing capabilities of VoIP, you can maximize the probability of getting a caller to someone that can help them, no matter where they are located – whether they are in the office, working from home, or are on assignment across the globe.

Since every business owner wants to do more with less, leveraging the data network to route voice calls means you have the ability to integrate those calls with other data sources on your network, such as accounting systems, customer relationship management systems, and others. How about routing calls associated with past due balances directly to Accounting? Or pulling up customer purchasing history on your device’s screen before you even answer the phone? Simply put, leverage the power of VoIP to allow you to handle more business with less overhead. This enables your business to serve your customers faster and more efficiently than your competition.

What else can you do with VoIP?

Improve employee productivity

  • Easily monitor, screen, record, save, and forward calls directly from your device without interrupting normal work activities
  • Seamlessly network to support multiple corporate locations - place calls from one office to another without incurring long-distance charges
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications
  • Android/iOS apps for mobile devices

Manage IT Costs & Efficiencies

  • Control communication costs for your business
  • Enjoy the network flexibility offered by Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Manage multiple technologies (various phones, cell phones, tablets and faxes)
  • Built-in conference bridging – eliminate third-party conference-hosting costs

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Prioritize incoming calls based on customer type or value
  • Set up personally-defined rules for handling calls based on incoming phone numbers, time and date, or availability
  • Visually manage live calls and voicemails
  • Call Recording for training, quality monitoring, claims support, and more
  • Bring Fortune 500 contact center functionality to small and medium-sized businesses

How Do I Start?

Any technology always works best when it is tailored to the way your organization runs, and VoIP is no exception. There are many considerations when selecting a VoIP solution:

Selecting the Right Option

  • Is hosted, premise-based, or hybrid right for your organization?
  • What are the costs involved? (Hint: No one model is perfect for every organization)
  • Whom should I select as my VoIP provider?

Business Processes

  • How should calls flow in your organization?
  • What are the needs of your mobile users?
  • Can we / should we measure your users' productivity?
  • Do you need geo-redundancy?
  • Does your organization have seasonal fluctuations that can benefit from VoIP flexibility?
  • Can you get VoIP provider services, in addition to a phone system, that will enable actual integration into your business processes?

IT Considerations

  • Can my data network properly handle a VoIP system?
  • What applications do you need to integrate with?
  • Do you have older technologies that need to be considered?
  • What are my failover options?

Why choose PCA for my VoIP needs?

PCA will guide you through the VoIP selection process to ensure you get the best-fit solution for your organization. Since we offer multiple VoIP solutions, we can guide you to a purely objective solution instead of trying to sell you the one hammer in the toolbox when you need a wrench.

PCA is a full-service technology solutions provider – this means that we handle ALL aspects of information technology, not just IT infrastructure and phones, like most of our competitors. Our spectrum includes all that, but also software and app development – after all, it is ultimately software that defines what your infrastructure can and can’t do for your organization. While our competitors can install a system for you, our distinctive software development skills can actually make it do something more than any other VoIP provider.